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Unveiling Creativity: The Artistic Odyssey of Noah DaCosta

Noah DaCosta, he/him

With an unwavering commitment to storytelling and an innate talent for presenting, interviewing, hosting, and videography, Noah DaCosta has emerged as a true creative force. Born in London and now based in Naarm, this 25-year-old visionary has traversed a dynamic artistic journey that transcends boundaries and captivates audiences.

In this exclusive feature, we delve deep into Noah's remarkable evolution, exploring his poignant experiences growing up as a person of colour in Australia, his remarkable collaborations, and his aspirations for the future.

"Noah DaCosta is a rising star who fearlessly intertwines various art forms, leaving an indelible mark on the creative landscape."

A Multifaceted Creative Path

The genesis of Noah's artistic expedition began unexpectedly, as he and his sister Jesse embarked on a passion project that would later blossom into the renowned "Bourne and Bred" YouTube channel. As the channel gained momentum, Noah's artistry soared to new heights, leading him to seize the opportunity to explore the vast depths of his creative prowess.

Alongside his YouTube endeavours, Noah embraced the world of paid videography, skilfully capturing and documenting his own career milestones while immersing himself in the pulsating rhythm of music-based events. A testament to his versatile talent, Noah's editing finesse and testimonial expertise garnered attention, reinforcing his presence as a rising star.

Top Artistic Moments

Noah's artistic voyage has been punctuated by extraordinary encounters and transformative milestones. Among them, his collaboration with the iconic All Star Converse stands as an extraordinary testament to his visionary artistry. An unforgettable trip meeting the enigmatic Tyler, the Creator served as the catalyst for a mesmerising audio-visual piece that transcended creative boundaries, leaving an indelible mark on both artist and audience alike.

"Collaborating with All Star Converse and meeting Tyler, the Creator was a surreal experience that pushed the limits of my creativity and allowed me to create an [unparalleled] audio-visual piece."

However, it was Noah's self-proclaimed opus, the revered "Bourne and Bred" series, that remains etched in his memory as an unrivalled triumph. Every episode, a testament to his artistic growth and unyielding dedication, pushed the boundaries of creativity, resulting in a captivating showcase of his innate ability to continually surpass his own expectations.

Poetic Exploration of Brotherhood

Beyond the visual realm, Noah finds solace in the rhythmic cadence of poetry, utilising it as a potent medium for self-expression. With verses that explore the complexities of positive black masculinity and profound human connections, he shares his introspective works on his Instagram platform. Notably, his poetic masterpiece "Brotherhood," composed of three evocative parts—Randall, the second piece, and Daniel, the third piece—casts a captivating light on the intricacies of relationships and the unyielding power of communal bonds.

"Poetry allows me to express the nuances of positive black masculinity and delve into the depths of human connections. Through my verses, I aim to evoke emotions and inspire meaningful conversations."

Quest to Empower Creativity

Noah's aspirations radiate with a profound desire to become a trailblazing interviewer, presenter, and media host, leaving an indelible mark on Australia's creative landscape. Fuelled by the belief that people are constantly creating, he envisions a world where artists can find a platform to express their truths and share their stories with unbridled passion. With his boundless talent and unwavering dedication, Noah's dream of becoming a driving force in the artistic realm is well within reach.

Identity and Artistry

Growing up as a person of colour in Australia presented Noah with unique challenges that he deftly navigated. Faced with a predominantly white environment, he experienced the sting of ignorance, microaggressions, and cultural barriers. However, Noah found solace in his creative pursuits, carving out a space that championed representation and fostered understanding within his artistic community.

"My experiences as a person of colour have ignited a fire within me to break barriers and promote inclusivity. Through my art, I strive to challenge norms and foster a more diverse and accepting creative landscape."

Recognition and Representation

Noah's unwavering commitment to his craft has earned him the respect and admiration of his artistic community. As a person of colour in the industry, he finds inspiration in the artists who have defied conventions and pushed cultural boundaries. Visionaries such as Donald Glover, Kojey Radical, Tyler, the Creator, Little Simz, and Zane Lowe have paved the way, inspiring Noah to leave a permanent mark of his own.

The Visionary Process

Noah's creative process is as diverse as his artistic endeavours. His poetry takes shape through careful contemplation, often beginning with fleeting phrases jotted down in his trusted notes app or his beloved yellow notebook. With a deep commitment to capturing his experiences with vivid imagery, he meticulously crafts verses that transport readers into his world.

For his captivating conversations on "Bourne & Bred," Noah draws inspiration from the rich tapestry of personal interactions and unexplored concepts, crafts, and communities. Collaboration lies at the heart of his process, as he seeks to uplift and celebrate local talents, allowing their stories to intertwine with his own.

Noah DaCosta's artistic odyssey is a testament to boundless creativity, unwavering passion, and a resolute commitment to storytelling. From his humble beginnings on the "Bourne and Bred" YouTube channel to his remarkable collaborations and evocative poetry, Noah's artistic trajectory has left an indelible mark on the creative landscape. As he continues to push boundaries, create platforms for others, and amplify underrepresented voices, Noah's journey serves as an inspiration to artists worldwide.

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